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Furukawa Electric Develops “TAIKO ACE,” a Non-film Type Foam Material with Improved Weather Resistance

Helps to control condensation from metallic roofs on carports, garages, and more Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has successfully developed “TAIKO ACE,” a condensation prevention and heat insulating material for use with metallic roofs. This non-film type foam material offers even better weather resistance than conventional “FOAM ACE” and is already available for purchase. “TAIKO ACE” …

taiko ace

Furukawa Electric to Begin Selling Multi-service Virtual Network Appliances that Run on General-purpose Servers

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. will begin selling “FITELnet vFX,” a multi-service virtual network appliance that runs on general-purpose servers and that offers carrier-grade performance and functionality, in October 2017. This virtual network appliance brings the functionality, performance, and reliability of “FITELnet FX1”, which is popular for business, to general-purpose servers. The product uses a virtual …


INDEX Indonesia – International Trade Show for Hospitality, Interior, Design and Project

Furukawa Electric Indonesia main distributor of I-WALS attend the INDEX exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center during 5-8 October 2017. See More : http://www.index-indonesia.com    


Furukawa Electric Develops New Semiconductor Tape that Can Significantly Improve Semiconductor Quality

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has successfully developed “Plasma Masked Backgrind (BG) Tape” (a new type of semiconductor tape) and “Expand Separation Dicing/Die Attach Film (D-DAF)” for laser grooving and plasma dicing(note 1). As electronics grow more advanced in functionality, Furukawa Electric will begin mass-producing the products as a means to help improve the quality of …

Furukawa Electric - Semiconductor Tape

Furukawa – HV Rectangular Wire is now open

HV Rectangular Wire (HVW).   High-withstand voltage rectangular wires are effective in motors with a higher design voltage than that of existing motors, and are applicable to drive motors for electric and hybrid vehicles. They have been invented as wires that will help to miniaturize such drive motors. Structure As shown in the diagram, the …

Furukawa Electric - HV Rectanguler Wire
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